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Here, I will cover all about how you can easily create a blog on your own and how to start a WordPress blog using BlueHost in 10 Minutes. Writing and blogging is something I always wanted to do and never really had a chance to start. I have a background

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in IT and have launched my own technology startup and created and hosted many other websites using WordPress. This is something I love and writing and blogging have become my new hobby. If this hobby makes money, then its a great hobby to have. You can start a money-making blog for just a few dollars a month! In this blog, I have included discounted pricing that I personally negotiated with Bluehost so that all of you can start a blog for really cheap. You can also receive free blog domain through my link too. I am sure, you will act quickly, because I am not sure, how long these low prices will last.

If you are looking to start a self-hosted WordPress blog for really cheap, then going towards and choosing Bluehost for hosting needs is the answer. I have had great experience to use Bluehost personally and it is better than any other hosting services out in the market.

There are many people who are blogging online and it has changed the lives of many. Writing and blogging are the best things ever that has happened to me. It allowed me to express myself freely and reflect on what I have been doing and what I intend to do in my life. It allowed me to capture my thoughts and put them on paper and reflect upon it. There are many people who have created income from blogging-related services. e.g. Michelle has earned over $979,000 in 2016 through blogging and over $1,500,000 in 2017. You can find Michelle’s course here Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which talks about making money blogging through affiliates. I will write about this course more in my different blog post.

In my first 3 months of blogging, I started to make little money, which gave me confidence that I can also make money blogging. I am not a full-time blogger but I am blogging during my spare time along with my full-time job. I intend to make significant money through this my side hustle.

Now I believe, anyone can make money with a blog, and now I am able to get the money back which I paid for hosting the blog quickly. It is a well worth to pay for blog hosting and I am sure you will be also able to make your money back quickly as well.

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies you can start your blog as low as $3.95 a month! I highly recommend signing up for 12 months of hosting plan through Bluehost. It’s affordable and it can save a lot of money by signing up for at least 12 months.  If you want a better deal then the best value is to sign up for a 36-month plan, as the monthly rate would be much lower over the long run.

It’s amazing how simple and cheap it is to build your own blog from the little corner on the internet. Do you remember those shittty web pages built back in the 90s, those all suck? All it takes to build a professional, inviting website of your own is a hosting company, a domain name, and a WordPress template. The Bluehost account for $3.95 a month will help you to get started with one of the largest hosting options within the blogging space, with the ecosystems of tutorials and support further down the road.

There are many web hosting companies out there and Bluehost is absolutely one of the best. There are many reasons for why you may want to choose Bluehost for your WordPress blog and I believe they are one of the best web hosting providers. Following are the reasons:

  • It’s damn easy to use. Yes, ANYONE can create a WordPress blog easily with my following steps. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog.
  • Bluehost has an ecosystem with tutorial and they help you with all the support
  • Bluehost is extremely affordable and they offer cheap web hosting.
  • You get a FREE blog domain.
  • WordPress through Bluehost is FREE.
  • Bluehost offers a guarantee in case you determine that it is not for you.
  • You will be self-hosted. If you want to monetize your blog, then you will want to be self-hosted.
  • You will appear much more professional to readers, companies, and so on if you are self-hosted on Bluehost than being on Blogspot. If you sign up for Bluehost, but you are confused for any reason (such as how to set it up, picking a plan, pricing, etc.), you can always send me an email and I can help you out.

Click here to start a blog on WordPress, then use the following steps for easy directions.

Step 1:

Select a plan: For the first time bloggers who are just starting out check out the basic plan for $3.95 a month. If your need grows, you can upgrade to higher plans.

Step 2:

Choose A Domain Name: This is something you will have to spend some time on. If you already know what you want then search the domain name and if it’s available just go to the next step. If you already have a domain name from some other place, then there is an option to transfer that URL over to your new plan. You can get some inspirations from the websites like NameMesh

Step 3:

Complete Registration: You will be taken through a couple of screens for payment and address information. You will be also presented options for add-ons like Search Engine Jumpstart, Site backup, Domain Security, Privacy Protection, etc. These add-ons are great to have, however, you can again come back and update and add-ons laters. Also, you get lots-of free plugins when you install word-press which do basically the same things. The only service I selected is Domain Privacy Protection. You are legally required to keep a true name and physical address on file with ICANN. It’s really a comfort thing. I don’t know about you, but it’s weird my name and my home address are floating around there for anyone who visits my website to find.

Step 4:

Install WordPress: After completing the registration, log in to your account and find the ‘WordPress’ button. WordPress is a free open-source blogging platform which is the largest and popular platform in the world and now powers the world’s 30% of the websites. WordPress is what makes it magically run your own blog.

Step 5:

Pick up the WordPress Theme: The WordPress installation guide will walk you through how to use WordPress, and the first thing it would do is to show you how to select one of the free templates. Pick one that applies to you and that’s it! Do some basic configurations and you are live on the internet and off to the races.

Do you have a blog? Are you using Bluehost? Share your blogging experiences. Hope you enjoyed these steps and up for the great future outcome.


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