I created this resource page to easily list recommended books, services, and companies and/or those I know are useful and valuable. This way you can quickly find the great products, books and services all in one place and save thousands of dollars from one page.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products that highly recommend. I won't put anything on this that I haven't verified and/or personally used. I thank you for your support. 

Money Related Books

The Simple Path to Wealth

TSPTW has strengthened my belief that one can get retire early in a simple and strategic way. Three basic simple steps outlined in this book which can help you to understand savings and investing in Index Funds.

Set for Life: Dominate Life, Money, and the American Dream.

This book is not only for dominating American Dream but for any other dream anywhere on the Earth. If you do not want to stick to the nine-to-five workweek, read this book for inspirations and understand how you can start building your wealth.

The Millionaire Next Door

This book is all about Frugal, Frugal and Frugal living. You have probably already heard of this book if you have been in the FIRE movement. This book is the result of the research study of interviewing thousands of millionaires in America. This book tells about how a millionaire actually spends his/her money and if you want to be a millionaire yourself, then go and grab this book.

Blog Related Stuff

Making Sense of Affiliate Markeing

I strongly recommend checking out this online course for bloggers. I just signed up for this program and implementing every step what Michelle has mentioned in the course. It allows you to be focused on implementing monetising strategies for your blog.

Pinterest Ninja eCourses

When it comes to increasing the traffic to your blog, Pinterest plays an amazing role to drive traffic. These courses helped me to increase my Pinterest traffic from 0 to 2.5K monthly views within one week of implementing the strategies.


If you are a blogger then you need to build your own email list. ConvertKit is a must if you have a blog. It provides great forms and ways for your readers to subscribe to your blog posts and newsletter. You can use it for free for 14 days and play with its awesome forms.