3 Ways To Maintain Sound Health and Be Physically Active!

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Body and mind are one, effectively mind-body. In my earlier post, I wrote about positive mindset and relaxing mind with meditation, yoga and breathing techniques. Lets see how we shall keep fit and maintain sound health. I am nearing 40 and have been working in corporate for all my career in IT industry. You might have noticed that, the people working in IT need to be sitting for long hours in office. Since my childhood, I have been playing outside a lot. When we were growing up, we didn’t use to have fancy gadgets and didn’t used to have Netflix or for that matter many more TV serials. Until the age of 14, I used to play ground hockey and was into athletic sports. I also played badminton every other day for at-least 30 to 40 min until the age of 30 after marriage. And then came the parenthood and everything changed for me with twins in 2010. Our all focus was on raising small babies. For next three to four years, I didn’t care much about my physical health. I started eating whenever and whatever I liked and gained weight. I was no more active and became lethargic. My belly size got increased and had to increase the size of my cloths.

1. Go work out 3-4 times a week. 

This all changed in 2014. In office, my manager inspired and registered us for team running event called Bloodomloppet in Stockholm, and asked us to prepare for 5 km run. I never in my life did run 5 km at any given time in one stretch and here I am all in for running 5 km. I did have about 8 weeks to prepare and my manager brought us book to train for 5 km run. We scheduled to go for run together during lunch hours once a week. It was team event and we were all together enjoying the run during lunch hour. I really had great time and somewhat got prepared for the run and I finished the 5 km in 38 min. It was first of a kind event for me . I felt great sense of achievement and really got inspired. I set the next goal to complete 5 km within 30 min target and I started preparing for the same. I joined gym for 3 times a week and starting training. I signed up for marathon training programs as well and went to train myself for marathon since last year. I then signed up for 10 km running event and completed the run in 1 hr 15 min time.

Now a days, Runtastic is my running companion and I am on paid half marathon training plan. This plan is for 16 weeks, which helps to prepare for 21 km half marathon and makes you to go for run 3 times a week. It helped me to reach my target to complete 5 km within 30 min. I am so proud and pumped up. I am half way through my goal to run for half marathon. I lost about 12 kg and have cut down on dairy and animal products.

2. Eat healthy

I am focused and became conscious on eating green vegetables, beans, soy and lentils. I am also focused on taking right nutrition and vitamins required for the body. This also helped me to recover myself quickly and stay focused on my training plan. I do yoga and breathing exercise daily which helps me to stretch and recover fast. You do not need to track your food intake, but becoming aware and conscious of what you are eating will do the trick.

If you eat non healthy, oily and junk food once in a while, its OK, but do not eat more than once in at least 4 weeks time. I recommend you to eat vegetarian and if possible stick to vegan food. I have been diagnosed with type II diabetic. As they say, it is lifestyle disease and accordingly to Dr. Neal Barnard it can be reversed completely with right food and eating healthy. Be vegetarian/vegan and eat healthy. Listen to your body and understand how your body is responding to the food you eat. Meditation also helps for choosing the right food for yourself. The more you meditate you would know what to eat and how your body is responding.

3. Relax regularly

What I learned from my yoga retreats and knowledge is that, body and mind are one, effectively mind-body. Our mind-body is then at one with nature. We can not separate the health of our mind from the health of our body. Anything that affects the soundness of our mind will affect the body and anything that affects the body will affect soundness of our mind. The influence of our minds on our health is a fact of life. A smooth functioning mind is essential to having good health.

It is utmost important that you are taking good amount of rest and relaxing yourself. With right exercise and right eating habits, it is important to have long and good sleep for at least 7-8 hours. One should have proper sleep to feel fresh and energized. If possible, every three months take some couple of days off from work and go on vacation where your budget suits you. You can take some rest in yoga retreat centers from AOL Silence Retreat, The Chopra Retreats or any other retreat centers available to you. This will really help you to re-energize your mind and body and you would feel more relaxed.

These are simple habits to incorporate in life. Become physically active, go out to gym or go to run in parks. Sign up for the activity events. Play with kids and become active and engage in yoga and meditation. Eat healthy and become conscious about body and mind. One important thing to remember is, keep coming back to these habits even if you miss, just start from the start and keep going. 

I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what you think and what are the habits you built for sound mind-body. I would be happy to get your thoughts.

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28 thoughts on “3 Ways To Maintain Sound Health and Be Physically Active!”

  1. I am glad to read your post today. I have been letting myself down the whole summer. I am going to get back on track and resume the good habit.

  2. Your tips for a healthy lifestyle are golden. Taking care of our bodies and our spirits should be our central concerns. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. This really made me think of how much I slacked off when it comes to staying active. There’s always time to fit in some form of exercise. I think I’m busier in my head than in reality. 😊

  4. Practicing yoga really is great for the body and mind. It’s a way to strengthen your body while getting rid of mental toxicity.

  5. Yes..staying active makes life so lively…one has to set the priorities right and find time for taking care of health..
    Simple and practical suggestions..
    Thank you

  6. These are all very good tips! And yoga is a great way to relax the mind and body. I fact, I suppose you could count yoga in the exercise category as well.

  7. These are really good tips. Some good exercise really gets your day better. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!


  8. this is something that I have been struggling at the past few months that lead me to weight gain. It wasn’t easy but little by little, I am picking it up again. I am happy that I came across with your article today. =)

  9. Your tips are really amazing, and easy to adopt. We really need to do some exercises, some relaxing to stay active and to stay healthy. Great post.

  10. In the stressful times that we live in, I think relaxing regularly and digital detox would be my top choice. Nice compilation.

  11. some tips which are really basic to know yet we dont do. I like how this post state only the necessary once without exaggeration work out needs

  12. Thank youso muchfor the helpful tips. Ilearned some new things after readinh your blog article. 🙂

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