Two Simple Reading Habits – Be Fanatic About It!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin It was very hard for me to go to a book and start reading. When it comes to reading a book, I tend to get lazy and not even pick up the book. However, I really enjoyed watching TV serials at full stretch. I used to get hooked to TV serials like Crime Science Investigations, 24, Marvel’s Flash and others. I used to spend about 2-3 hours every day watching these serials and wasting my time. I do regret, I wasted my time but I enjoyed those shows very much. I remember, watching the shows late at night or early morning until 4 am and then waking up late stressed about why I wasted time. Even I have had little arguments with my spouse (All married couple could understand what I meant 🙂 )   I always wanted to read books and wanted to read every day. The first non-academic book I read was in 1999, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! I completed this book within 3 days. It has increased my interest, but never really continued with reading. Then I read a couple of fiction books by Dan Brown in a year and then I finished his other books. 
When we read, we go through the experiences of other people and understand the thoughts of other people.
Just 2 simple ways you can increase your reading habits 1. Keep Reading books whenever you get time  In 2012, my commute to office used to take me somewhere between 30 to 45 min one way. So, it gave me about 90 min of reading time daily. Initially, I started reading about 5-8 pages then I read about 10-15 pages each day during my commute.  I used to read in the morning time when my mind was fresh on my way to the office and used to meditate on my way back.  When I started finishing the books during my commute, my interest in reading books increased and I started to realize that, I have gained one book more experience than I wouldn’t have gained if I wouldn’t have read the book.  I started buying more books and I need to find more shelves in the home to stack the books. Then came along my favorite gadget Kindle Reader. I was so happy and was hooked to it. I started enjoying reading on Kindle every day as it was lightweight to carry to the office, no storage requirement and I could choose whatever books I bought based on my liking and mood. I also started reading the books to kids as their bedtime stories. Kids were also hooked to my reading books to them and it helped them go to bed early. They enjoyed it thoroughly. Once they go to bed, I continued reading further and started reading more.   Buy any books on the Kindle Store in the area of your interest and simply start reading. Carry your Kindle Reader everywhere you go. On the way to Office, on vacations, bedtime reading. Commit yourself to read at least 10 pages a day. The more you start reading your reading speed will also increase. Comprehend each book. Try to remember what you read and reflect on it while you sit for meditation and try to implement the things in your own life if you are into self-development. Create discussion groups and exchange thoughts with friends. This would increase your knowledge and experience and will help you to improve self-confidence. Choose the book based on your interest and finish it to the end. Start small and stick to it. 
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go”. ~ Dr. Seuss 
2. Keep listening books on Audible: The second best way to read the book is to listen. Yes, Audible is my favorite everyday app. I have taken membership which I pay roughly around $14 every month. The credit gets added to my audible account, and I purchase the book I liked and wished to listen. Mainly, I evaluate what the current situation is and what are my needs. Just ask your self and you will get the answer which kind of book you would want to buy. From what kind of experience you would want to learn. Just believe in your intuition and your first gut feeling and go ahead and buy the book. Also, read the reviews of the book before purchasing. Sometimes, the book may not turn out good for your experience, but everyday mediation would come in handy to choose the book. Rely on your gut and go for it. You would be happy that you bought the audiobook.  I started listening to the book when I started to do my workouts. I go to gym 3-4 times a week for running during cold winter days in Stockholm. Initially, it was really hard to listen while running and working out. Then it became a habit. I started completing a single book (4-6 hrs read time) within a week. If I liked the book and feel like want to go through again, I started to re-listen to them two-three times in the span of the next 2 weeks. I also started bookmarking and coming back to it re-listen. I learned so much from the books than anything else. Now, listening to book habit rooted in me that it helped me to build the habit of running for 3-4 times a week. More about physical fitness habits later.  Let me know what are your habits of reading books, how you built and share your favorite book. 

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16 thoughts on “Two Simple Reading Habits – Be Fanatic About It!”

  1. As a high school teacher, I find fewer fewer students reading for pleasure each year. This makes me sad! I have always been an avid reader and just didn’t understand how others didn’t love reading too. Reading often helps encourage lifelong learning! I’ll share these tips with some of my students. Thanks.

  2. While we scoff at reading in the small chunks of time that we have in a day, this is really an effective way to keep the reading habit. I also use this method for chipping away at other big goals that seem so big that I can’t imagine how I can get it done. I do it in chunks and then spend about half an hour once a week to put the pieces together and to see what is left to be done. I am often pleasantly surprised at how little work is left to complete these projects. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, audible is really interesting. When I listen to the book and I find it useful and feel like I need to get the printed/kindle version, then I go for other. You can easily start with audible for one month free membership here.

  3. I love this post! Reading is so important and many people take it for granyed. Most people would rather watch tv than reead. I have always been the opposite. Reading has helped me through so much. It helped me feel connected when I felt like a outcast. I am glad to come across this post i can relate so much! Keep up the good work.

  4. People like me have a hard time reading. Yes, I can read a college level textbook and I have been to college. I’ve also been in the Army.
    However, I have ADHD and Asperger’s. I’ve heard all the stereotypes and misconceptions about Asperger’s. I know, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are suspected of having Asperger’s. They both went to Harvard. Einstein also had it.
    They were probably all really good at reading and probably loved it.
    I had a college professor who said: “These chapters are only 35 pages long. It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to read it.”
    i laughed at that!!!
    Another student said she was a slow reader and it takes her about Two h ours to read a chapter.
    Again, I laughed at her to!
    I wasn’t laughing in a good way! More like an awkward, uncomfortable laugh! I thought, “I wish I could read a chapter in Two hrs!”
    it took me, literally, 5½ to 6 hours to read that same 35 page chapter! Somtimes, I was up all night reading and doing homework! I often went to class tired and with no sleep at all for one or two nights straight!
    So, the reason I personally don’t read much, is that it’s just not fun! I don’t enjoy reading because it’s hard for me to do.
    I have a few books at home that I have gotten half way through, eventually set them down and forgotten about them! On the rare occasion when I do but a book to read, it has to be really interesting and if it is a lot more than about 300 pages, I will not but it! That would be a complete waste of my time and money!
    ADHD makes it hard to pay attention, I get distracted easily, I am very slow at reading, I get hyper and restless and can’t sit still very long, etc. That’s even when I take ADHD meds! Those pills like Ritalin are not a miracle cure! I wish they were.
    However, if I am reading something about: Astronomy, Asperger’s Syndrome, jokes, Medical Assisting or something else I am really interested in, I can hyperfocus for a long time. That is a good trait of ADHD. But, hyperfocus doesn’t always last long. Sometimes, I can hyperfocus for a couple hours and nothing will distract me. It still takes me a long time to read though.
    Ironically, I hate reading and have a very hard time doing it, but, I love writing. That is something I’m reasonably good at. I like writing in my blog.
    BTW, in college I studied Medical Assisting. I didn’t get a degree, that would of been very hard for me to get a full degree. I just studied the Medical Assisting program for one year and got a certificate of completion. I didn’t have to suffer through Math and other irrelevant classes.

    1. Hey David,
      I am very touched. I cannot say I can understand you because, I really can’t. But I can feel your frustration and difficulties. Keep doing what you love, writing and stick to it. I also suggest, if you can listen the books, its great way to read books. If you can, start listening to books which are in the area of your interest. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As a kid, I loved reading books!! However, as I got older and had to start reading textbooks for school… somewhere along the way, it just stopped altogether. I ended up hating reading books after reading so many texbooks! But fast forward about 10 years later, now I am always on the hunt for books to read! I don’t always have 2-3 hours to sit snug on my couch and read without a worry but when I have 10-15 mins of time here and there, I will carry my book around! For example, if I’m meeting someone at a coffee shop, I’ll purposely try and get there a few minutes early to read or in case they say they are running late, I am prepared!

    Loved the post idea (: Thanks.


  6. This has always been a problem for me. I have so many books to read with so little time! Audible seems like a good solution in the future. But the kindle is what I am really interested about.

  7. I enjoy reading books a lot! My favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins, Nora Roberts, John Grisham and Dan Brown. I particularly love romance, crime and suspense thrillers. I use books to pass time when I’m bored!

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