My Journey

My name is P.D. and I have started this blog to track the experiences and write about my retirement journey. I have been reading self-help books and was also involved in building startups and worked on projects to retire early.

I am still not there yet, but Stick with me and let’s see if I can able to achieve my goal.

I plan to do this while I am still working in corporate world in a very good company in Scandinavia with great social services.

I wholeheartedly believe that I can retire two decades earlier than my peers.

My Story…

I grew up in middle class family in a small village in the west coast mountains near Goa, India. My father used to run cloth selling business in his shop in the town and do wholesale business in surrounding area. I never experienced any desperation about money in my childhood as we had plenty and were doing good. My father graduated from college but my mother didn’t. Despite having degree my father went on to do business to earn enough to run his family. He support financially in all way possible and educated us. Me and my two sisters were all graduated from Engineering colleges.

When it was time to decide what to do my father told me to get educated and work in professional career so that I can earn more money.

I started my career but I was in education debt, so worked really hard to get rid of education loan. I was in middle of my career and it was time when the organization for which I was working, was about to get rid of me because of layoffs.

That’s where I started to think about my future plans and financial freedom. What I really wanted to do was run my own business, be my own boss and wanted to be financially free so that I could do whatever I wanted to do.

It was then that I started reading self-help, business and finance books. I decided that if I couldn’t do what I loved and make a living, I would be retired financially because retired people could do whatever they wanted to do. I wanted to build businesse, so I would need to start-up. I started building business as side-project and started meeting different people.

My Path Forward

I have been working professionally in IT for more than 15 years now. I am married and two fantastic kids. Since last 3 years, I have been working on my side project and building technology startup. I wanted to write about all my experiences and I have had wonderful and challenging experiences and wanted to write down the steps I take and challenges I faces.

The plan so far looks like this:

  • Build side project so that I can run that business successfuly
  • Read and learn about investing and start savings
  • Write blogs with my personal life experiences and share with the world.
  • Write about what I am doing, where I am investing and how I will become financial free
  • Write about all the experiences I have had about building different habits

A Game Plan

They said, Your thoughts determine your actions,Your actions determine your habits,Your habits determine your character,Your character give rise to your destiny…

An effective plan involves building a system of automation and habits that does robotic work for you, leaving you free to be the human being that you are. A good plan will:

  • Address psychological distortions that tempt us to spend wastefully rather than ignore them
  • Automate stuff so it doesn’t drain our limited energy
  • Create fail-safes that will absorb and correct for our inevitable human mistakes

This blog aims to build that kind of playbook.

I will be writing about all the experiences, actions and habits which I have built so fat and will see where my destiny takes me..

Stay with me..